Trade the Waves of Yield on Solana is a new platform that lets you earn and trade yield from various decentralized protocols on Solana.

By using, you can split your yield-bearing assets into two tokens: the principal (PT) and the future yield token (YT). You can then trade these components independently and create new markets for yield exposure.

By separating your principal from your future yield, you can take a position. Do you think yields will improve? Sell your principal and buy more yield to increase your exposure. Expect APYs to fall? Sell your yield tokens and lock in more principal tokens now. is the first platform to bring yield trading to Solana, a fast and cheap blockchain that offers more efficiency and scalability for defi.

Adding flexibility to your yields

Unlock Fixed Income %

Long term investors hate uncertainty. Yield trading allows cautious buyers to lock in their yield at current rates

Go Long or Short Yield 📈

Want Solana staking returns? Traders can buy yield tokens for a fraction of the price of spot SOL to increase their exposure

Flexible Redemptions

Claim your yield today. Swap PT+YT for the underlying asset at any time. Or hold PT to maturity to unlock the underlying token.

1 mSOL

(or jitoSOL, bSOL, cUSDC, LP USDC-USDT etc)